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-born before feminism
-grew up during and was influenced by feminism
-currently interested in consensual re-exploration of strong male/soft (submissive) female, traditional masculine/feminine relationships. I like retro erotica/photography and also enjoy stories that are on the kinky side ;-)

I can be "bad", but can also be a gentleman and enjoy taking care of women and leading in a responsible caring way. My real life is pretty normal - a bit on the kinky side but fairly tame - however my fantasies can be significantly darker and edgier. There is a difference between what I enjoy thinking about and what I choose to do in reality. Some of the posts may explore the gray area between those fantasies and reality.

I enjoy erotic art, photography, fiction, pinup and burlesque.

If you are interested in women's underwear, strong males, feminine girls, light consensual bondage/spanking, retro and vintage stuff please feel welcome to browse the journal. Don't forget to add a comment. ( even if just to say that you were lurking )